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Products are created in factories. Art objects are created in studios. Brands are developed in minds.

Hania Afifi

Complete Marketing Plan

USP Identification

After reviewing your business plan and marketing strategy to learn about your product(s) or services and understand your business goals, I begin the research to help you identify your unique selling proposition. This includes:

  1. Identifying your root strengths

  2. Analysing your competition and market environment

  3. Defining your target market

  4. Extracting key insights

  5. Naming your product/service benefits

  6. Defining your brand values, beliefs and developing its personality

  7. Identifying the reasons your target will believe your claims 

  8. Naming your key discriminator(s) 

  9. Creating your brand's core essence

Pricing Strategy

Once we agree on your unique selling value, I design the pricing strategy that ensures maximum sales while retaining an agreeable profit.  This includes:

  1. Breakdown analysis to understand both direct and indirect costs

  2. Estimating the benefits of your brand to your target market

  3. Reviewing your competitors' prices and market position

Package Deliverables:
  1. Three 30mins Zoom meetings to discuss brief and progress

  2. 10 - 14 pgs comprehensive marketing plan ready for execution

  3. Five rounds of changes

Sales and Distribution

Together we decide how your product/service is going to reach your target market. I plot all options on a matrix , then we select the one that offers the most positives whilst remaining true to your brand values. This involves reviewing many parameters including:

  1. People and technologies

  2. Delivery terms and conditions

  3. Transaction Processes

  4. Billing and Payment Systems

  5. Return policies


Promotion Plan

According to your budget, I design an optimised promotion plan which communicates your USP and generate sales. This includes, but not limited to:

  • Budgetting and selecting advertising media

  • Designing and scheduling sales promotions

  • Developing marketing collateral (but NOT advertising campaign material)

  • PR and publicity plan

Digital Marketing Plan

Digital Brand Audit

If you already launched your product/service online, I conduct a digital market place and brand analysis to assess your performance against your set business goals.

Objectives and Goal Setting

I deconstruct your business goals into digital KPIs and together we agree on the key success metrics that need to be monitored and achieved.

Audience Setting and Value Proposition

Together we define your digital target audience and identify their emotional and informational needs, digital lifestyle/habits to learn how and where to reach them online.

I then create a tailored value proposition for each segment based on your brand's core essence.



This is an optional stage which will be charged separately and is NOT included in the package.  It involves content creation, campaign design, setting-up social media profiles, scheduling content using digital media planner tools and the planning for PPC and display ads. 


Channel Strategy

Similar to offline marketing, I map the communication channels onto the sales/buying cycle to select the appropriate digital channel which achieves customer reach, customer acquisition and cutomer retention.  This may include SEO, PPC, Display, E-mail, Social, Affiliate, Sponsorship or mobile.



I set-up the digital analytic profiles for continuous  monitoring of your online performance  based on the set KPIs within the digital plan.


Package Deliverables:
  1. Two 30mins Zoom meetings to discuss brief and progress

  2. 3 - 5 pgs document with tables and charts outlining the plan and ready for execution

  3. A brand/company Google Analytics/Clicky profile set-up for immediate data tracking and performance monitoring

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