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The difference between amateur content and professional content lies in the editing quality.

Hania Afifi

Website SEO Audit


Competitor Audit

Using various tools, I check the competitions' websites and search engine ranking to identify their keywords, content priority, on-page optimisation and strategy alignement.


SEO Audit

In reference to your business goals and overall brand vision, I review your current search ranking, keyword usage, headlines, meta tags, alt tags and on-page optimisation.

Package Deliverables:
  1. 30-mins Zoom call to discuss findings

  2. 2 - 3 pages report with strategy recommendations and copy direction (this is NOT a website technical check for errors and back-links).

Content Edit



To edit content for social media, I review all supplied material including photos, videos and written work to ensure brand message consistency, the presence of keywords and integration of agreed-on key success metrics.  I also ensure that all materials are rightfully credited to avoid future liability claims.


Curate and Source

After organising the material into the supplied social media plan, I identify missing content and source the necessary material to successfully execute the plan and achieve the desired key success metric results.

Package Deliverables:
  1. 20 - 30mins Zoom call for comprehensive brief

  2. 30 days content calendar for 3-4 social media channels (FB, IG, Pinterest, TW, YT)

  3. 2 rounds of changes




To copyedit a piece(s) of writing, I check the following:

  1. Basic spelling and grammar

  2. Verb tense and consistency

  3. Sentences structure

  4. Formatting

  5. Overall flow

Package Deliverables:
  1. MS word /PDF document with clear markings and suggestions (1,000 - 1,500 words in English or Arabic)

  2. One round of proofreading after changes are made



Unlike surface copy-editing which reviews only structure, grammar and language, I research the assigned topic to fact-check information, identify potential new angles and the publication's POV to ensure relevance and maximum engagement.

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