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  • Why would I hire a freelancer?
    It's a more cost-effective solution on the long-run. If you are a company that is incorporated in one of the GCC countries, you probably will have a high overhead cost. In addition to the monthly salary of your employee, you will need to pay sponsorship/visa fees (if he/she is an expat), medical insurance, labour card/WPS wage system fees, annual air-ticket as well as the end-of-service benefits. If you are located outside those counties, your employee overhead costs maybe considerably lower, but you will still need to pay pension and/or end-of-service benefits.
  • Why should I choose you?
    Whilst there are many multilingual art graduates across the Middle East and North Africa and an inconceivable number of business and marketing professionals in the region, there are very few who are equally capable in both fields like myself. Having worked in the business and marketing field for 20 years and completed two post-graduate research degrees in art and visual culture, I am able to create and develop rich content that can engage the targeted audience whilst fulfilling the business objectives of your organisation. Creators/editors with a business/marketing background lack the academic depth of knowledge to historicise events and contextualise artistic phenomena. On the other hand, art professionals who create/edit content fail to acknowledge the needs of the wider audience and have a poor understanding of business dynamics and digital marketing requirements. Luckily, you have me!
  • Which analytical tool do you use?
    The usual suspects. My basic tool is Google Analytics. However, I complement it with a cocktail of social listening and media management tools according to project needs. This includes Buffer, Mention and Awario to name a few.
  • Are your packages all inclusive?
    In so far as the services I perform, the packages are all inclusive. However, there maybe third party supplier costs which will have to be added to the package. For example, if you purchase the Content Edit package and I need to buy stock images, the images will be billed separately at cost with no marke-up.
  • Can I get a refund?
    No. Since I cannot retrieve back the hours I had spent on your project, I cannot issue a refund. Nonetheless, I believe in cultivating lasting relationships in which both you and I are happy with project outcomes. So, I divide my fees on two installments: 50% upon signing the contract and the remaining 50% after sending you the agreed-on deliverables. This allows you to time to assess our working relationship and decide if you wish to complete the project with me.
  • How do I pay your fees?
    After completing the initial questionnaire, I will send you a project contract to sign and stamp. Once you return the signed contract, I will email you a payment link. You just need to follow the steps outlined on that page.


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